Resources to Help you Re-Learn Intuitive Eating

Can't stop eating? Emotional eating? Feel addicted to food? There is help:

Overcoming Overeating-Friendly Therapist List - listing of practioners

Green Mountain at Fox Run - a women's retreat for healthy living without dieting.


Gurze Books - Free Resource Catalogue - 100s of self-help books, free articles, treatment facility listings, and more. Check out Big Fat Lies and The Rules of Normal Eating.

Pearlsong Press - wonderful novels with heroines that are not forced into the traditional mold for beauty. Expand your horizons! We also recommend Taking Up Space by Thomas.


Intuitive Eating - how to eat intuitively
Breaking Free with Geneen Roth - author of original 1984 book-tapes, books, etc
Overcoming Overeating
- ending body hatred and dieting- books, tapes, online communities
Healthy Weight Network
- weight and eating resources by experts
HUGS for Better Health - nondiet program and book

On-Line Communities

Overcoming Overeating - for anyone actively using Overcoming Overeating nondiet tools

Recommended Blogs

Freedom from Emotional Eating - dedicated to helping people care for their emotions, enjoy food and accept themselves unconditionally.

Body Image

Healthy Body Image - healthy body image for children.
Body Positive: Boosting Body Image  at Any Weight
Real Women Project

Joyful Movement (Yoga, Etc)

Lisa On Yoga - yoga, tips to heal body loathing Abundant Yogini - healing yoga instruction in Philadelphia
Red Mountain Transformational Experience - yoga, palates, counseling, teaching in Philadelphia

Eating Disorders

Something Fishy - lots of information about recovery
Eating Disorder Survival Guide For Parents

Payson Road - resources, tools, information, support groups-focus on recovery through creativity

Health At Every Size (HAES)

First, Do No Harm - information about bias in obesity research
Council on Size and Weight Discrimination

For Professionals

Molly Kellogg - supervision/workshops to help professionals with nondiet work


Food Phobic Nation - with all the fear about food, what happened to common sense?

Alternative Nutrition

Susun Weed - herbalist and author, herbal medicine healing, how to make home remedies.