"Amidst the hundreds of books written on weight and food issues, Moving Away From Diets is a standout. Cutting-edge content, nondiet philosophy, and tools for practical application combine to make this one of the most utilized and dog-eared books you’ll have in your professional library."

Adrienne Ressler, MA, CSW; Body Image Specialist; Director of Clinical Outreach - The Renfrew Center, Ft Lauderdale, FL



"Moving Away From Diets should be read by every health care provider working today. A wonderful and open-minded nondiet alternative to the tried-and-failed restrictive eating approaches that have destroyed the physical and emotional well-being of countless dieters. A refreshing approach that makes a lot of sense."

Glenn Gaesser, PhD Author - Big Fat Lies; Associate Professor Exercise Physiology, U of VA

Moving Away From Diets: Camera Ready Handouts

This packet of 25 handouts is designed to be used with a nondiet approach to weight, eating and exercise issues. The handouts can be used with individual clients and in group settings, as well as for professional training and education.

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The packet includes a description of the forms and brief explanation as to how to use them. Several handouts can be downloaded free for your preview and/or use. Handouts include:

Key Benefits

These handouts are easy to reproduce, and are all in black and white.


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And free, download handouts such as the Hunger/Satiety Food Journal for your own use, or to use with clients.