"I love the worksheets because they help me get back into balance.  The hunger/fullness worksheets remind me that it's about how I feel, and take me back to a more natural process of eating, moving me away from being obsessed with measuring calories.  It's never easy, but this makes it easier when I start finding myself thinking too much about it.

LL, Studio City, CA

Handouts for Intuitive Eating

Permission is granted for individual use of the following handouts, for educational purposes only, copyright and contact information intact. Most require explanation to make full use of them, so are best used under the direction of a professional. Permission is not granted to download and distribute them.

For Professionals: Feel free to refer your clients to this site to download handouts. If you would like to distribute them, they are available for purchase. A number of handouts are available at our sister site, Nutrition Therapy Associates.

The Intuitive Eating Food Journals

The Hunger/Satiety Food Journal
H/S Food Journal II (numbers written every second line)       

Basic Hunger/Satiety Scale
Comparing Traditional and Nondiet Approaches to Eating/Weight Issues

Inward Listening: A Path to Authentic Relationship with Your Inner Self - Learn the core foundations to building a healthy relationship with your inner self through inward listening. Developed by Cassie Hessler-Smith, PhD, a therapist in Gainesville, FL who specializes in treating those suffering from trauma and eating disorders.

The Eater's Agreement - An amazingly nourishing affirmation.

Reducing the Squid-Factor In Your Life - Feel squeezed by the pressures of others' demands? Have a hard time taking care of yourself when others need your time and attention? What can you do?

Walking and Stopping Meditation - Slow down and become more fully aware.

Inspirational poem on how to get from "supposed to" to "wanting to."