"'Experts' advise us to control hunger, count calories, watch portion sizes. How is it that these "experts" forget that we are born with the ability to eat when we're hungry and quit when we're satisfied? Babies self regulate food intake. They eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full, resulting in adequate nutrition for their growth needs. As adults, we too can self regulate food intake."

From A Matter of Trust, Stay Attuned!


Ending the Struggle

Have you been dieting on and off most of your life? Do you find you can't stop eating? Do you actually weigh more now than you did when you first started dieting? Do you realize that diets don’t work? That most people who lose weight by dieting gain it all back - and more? Are you fed up with constantly having to monitor your food and your weight?

If you are ready to get off the diet roller coaster, look no more. Nourishing Connections™ was specifically designed to help you heal eating issues and reconnect with the freedom you once had around food and weight. Become an attuned eater (intuitive eater)... again.

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