"I use your handouts every day in my work with clients, and often refer my clients to your website. Thanks so much for all you've done!

Lisa D., NY, NY


"I love the worksheets because they help me get back into balance.  The hunger/fullness worksheets remind me that it's about how I feel, and take me back to a more natural process of eating, moving me away from being obsessed with measuring calories.  It's never easy, but this makes it easier when I start finding myself thinking too much about it.

LL, Studio City, CA


Eating Disorders Assessment and Treatment Tools

This packet contains 22 pages of camera-ready handouts (15 different handouts) designed for use by professionals to evaluate and treat eating disorders and disordered eating. 

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Handouts include: 

These are basic handouts, nothing fancy. But highly effective. Considering what your time is worth, a bargain at just over $1 per page!

Permission is given to reproduce all 15 camera ready forms (22 pages) for educational purposes.


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Moving Away From Diets - $40 Order
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Eating Disorder Assessm't/Treatment Tools - $30 Add to Cart

Moving Away from Diets is ordered directly from the publisher.

And free...download some of the handouts such as the Hunger/Satiety Food Journal for your own use, or to use with clients.