"Eating is part of life’s reliable rhythms. We don’t question our body’s need for sleep. Nor do we label our breathing in and out as being too much or too often."

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Your journey to freedom from food and weight struggles presents an opportunity for not only a new relationship with food, but also a new relationship with yourself and others. Ultimately, it is a journey of nourishing connections with yourself, others--and yes--even food. Stay Attuned™ is committed to supporting you in this journey and to helping you develop nourishing connections that will last a lifetime. Remember, a journey always starts with one small step....

From fellow travelers,
Karin and Amy

July 2005
Reliable Rhythms

Nourishing Nuggets

“Nature hates calculators.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Life is about rhythm. We vibrate, our hearts are pumping blood, we are a rhythm machine, that's what we are.” ~ Mickey Hart

Reflections for Staying Attuned

Breathing in and breathing out. Sleeping and waking. Sun rising and setting. Menstruating and "menopausing." Moon waxing and waning. Crying and laughing. Eating...

Eating is part of life’s reliable rhythms. We don’t question our body’s need for sleep. Nor do we label our breathing in and out as being too much or too often. “I can’t believe how much I breathed yesterday; I better cut back on my breathing tomorrow.”

Eating is part of life’s reliable rhythms. Despite what we hear or believe, eating and digesting are essential and need to happen regularly. “Yes, but I overate so much today, I don’t need to eat anything tomorrow.” Not true. Bodies reliably get hungry again and consistently send out cues to help us meet our needs. If we eat past fullness one day, the “eat” signal may come to us a little later than usual, but come it will. As long as we are living, we can trust that we will need to eat and that our body will guide us with its rhythms and signals.

Stay Attuned Tip

Before a meal today, focus on your breath. Notice its rhythm. Then tune into your body’s hunger. How hungry is your body? What does it want and need?

After your meal, focus on your breath again, noticing its rhythm. Tune into your body’s fullness signal. How full does your body feel? Tune into your hunger and fullness signals every hour for several hours until your body reliably tells you to eat again.

Stay Attuned Affirmation

“I trust and am guided by the rhythms of my body.”

What's New at Nourishing Connections

Nothing new in July. Marc David’s “Eater’s Agreement” is always nourishing.

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