"Not eating when hungry signals that needs will not be met, that you will not be taken care of. Not eating perpetuates a lack of safety that actually permeates other areas of your life."

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Your journey to freedom from food and weight struggles presents an opportunity for not only a new relationship with food, but also a new relationship with yourself and others. Ultimately, it is a journey of nourishing connections with yourself, others--and yes--even food. The Stay Attuned™ E-zine is committed to supporting you in this journey and to helping you develop nourishing connections that will last a lifetime. Remember, a journey always starts with one small step....

From fellow travelers,
Karin and Amy


October 2004

Nourishing Nuggets

“…heeding hunger goes quite a long way toward establishing the body literally and metaphorically as a safe, nurturing and attuned environment….” ~ Eating Problems (1994), Bloom, et al

“The ideology of semi-starvation undoes feminism; what happens to our bodies happens to our minds. … Hunger makes women feel poor and think poor. … Hunger makes successful women feel like failures.” ~ The Beauty Myth (1991), Naomi Wolf

Nourishing Reflections

When you restrict food intake, you must ignore physical hunger. This works—for a while. The longer you restrict and/or the more often your try to restrict, the more difficult it becomes. Sooner or later, hunger will break through, and when it does, it can be quite loud and scary.

However, when you take care of your hunger, your hunger takes care of you. In fact, the simple act of eating when hungry is a profound act of self-care. Eating when hungry signals the ability to listen to and take care of your needs.

Not eating when hungry, on the other hand, creates a constant state of confusion and chaos within the body. Initially, this confusion and chaos can be quite subtle and easy to ignore. Eventually the effort required to ignore hunger becomes all-consuming. Not eating when hungry signals that needs will not be met, that you will not be taken care of. Not eating perpetuates a lack of safety that actually permeates other areas of your life.

Consider an infant who is not fed when she/he is hungry. The child does not feel safe. This core lack of safety occurs in adults when they experience unresolved hunger on a frequent basis. If a child or infant—or prisoner—is not fed when hungry, it is called abuse. If a woman or fat person does the same thing, it is called dieting.

Stay Attuned Tip

Think back to a time when you ate when hungry and quit when satisfied, when you did not count calories or carbs, or monitor your weight.

Take some time to reflect on the profound impact that simply taking care of your hunger had on your comfort level, your ability to take care of yourself, and on your ability to “manage” your weight without even thinking about it!

Stay Attuned Affirmation

“Responding to my hunger is a profound act of caring. I choose to care for myself today.”

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